GeoPRO Tunisia is an engineering company specialized mainly in geophysical studies. GeoPRO provides you with a team of PROs to serve you. The latter is composed of engineers highly qualified in the field of geophysics and equipped with the latest generation of high-performance equipment. GeoPRO listens to you, identifies your problems and concerns and offers you the best technical and economical solutions.
GeoPRO, the PROs of geophysics in Tunisia, applies this discipline to provide you with the best solutions and provides its services in several fields such as hydrogeological studies, hydrogeology, geotechnics, hydrogeology, civil engineering and the environment.
GeoPRO through its founders benefits from more than 2000 geophysical projects carried out throughout Tunisia and other countries, making it the most experienced team in all of Tunisia. GeoPRO uses its know-how and experience to provide these customers with the best possible results. In addition, GeoPRO is committed to monitoring its results and supporting its customers until the end of their projects.
GeoPRO provides a complete service, from identifying customer needs, then proposing better solutions, then applying these solutions and finally monitoring and managing the results. Consequently, GeoPRO accompanies you during all the phases of your projects, namely water research, drilling monitoring, hydraulic calculations, design and installation of the various irrigation networks and project management.

Our Team

Responsable Management Qualité (Ingénieur qualité)

Marouen HADIJI

Directeur Commercial (Ingénieur géologie et géophysicien)


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